Saturday, March 20, 2010

Journal #6: Blogging NETS II, V

Blogging is an online shared journal where people can post diary entries about their personal hobbies or experiences. It can be used as a social network since many may comment and reply to others blogs. It is a great tool for engaging in similar discussion with people. I checked the thread "Great Classroom Blogs" and thought was cool that teachers are sharing classroom blogs so it can give students and teachers similar techniques and discussions. The person asked teachers to put up blogs that they thought as being great in order to encourage her peers to make blogs. I liked cheking out the "Virtual World" which was made by solely 5th graders, it had different cool posts where students learned how to do things by story telling. There was some nifty ways to teach kids things which help them enjoy assignments. Someone also suggested this site which does have general knowledge on how to use tech things. I also looked at "How can i link my Word document onto my blog?" and it had different ways like using scribd to embed, or use "clouds" kind of online storing like and, it also adviced to place your word document into google docs and just place a link that people can access to that document.


  1. It is cool that you choose blogging because you are posting on a blog. Having to blogs this semester has opened my eyes to an array of posibilities.

  2. I was never interested in blogging and had no intentions of making a blog before I took educ422. The classblog created for the class is very useful, and I like it a lot more than Blackboard, and WebCt !! Blogging makes it very easy to access other sites, and link sites together by sharing and taging.

  3. I agree, in todays world blogging and social networking is the "it" thing. It is essential to intrest students so they not only engage but enjoy their lessons. Blogging is an excellent way for students to express themselves. I also never dreamed of making a blog before this 422 class and now understand the benefits.