Thursday, March 11, 2010

Journal # 4 Finding students who learn with media NETS II, V

Bull, G. (2010). Finding students who learn with
Publish Post
media. Learning & Leading with Technology, 37(5), Retrieved from

 In the article they talked about a program that creates movies from kids's stories. The program is called Primary Access movie maker, it is found in They also have another specific website that is specifically for making stories;  Students with this program can work with Media and incorporate it into their glance and research about history, social studies, etc.  The students could narrate a story with their voice and place text if they wanted it to be visual.

Wouldn't the use of technology take more than rather than just writing essays?
They observed classes and showed that it takes the same amount of time by using the program as it would just writing an essay.  The program uses simple to use setting which allow the students not to take so much time trying to work on the tequnical process of creating their short movie.

How do students benefit from using this programs?
Using this program can help those students that are better in working with technology and using visual to get them invloved in the activity.  It helps those students that work better with the research and traditional writing part to express their research through technology.  It also helps them all to learn how to find primary resources online and easily incorporate it into a movie.

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