Tuesday, January 26, 2010

*~Intro Letter of Jessica Millan~*

I'm Jessica, but my friends call me Jess. I'm also known as Sarah Pailin when I wear my glasses...
I was born in Cuernavaca, Morelos.. It's located in the southern middle part of Mexico. I grew up here in San Diego since I was 2. I've moved around North County. So I went from K-4 in Rock Springs school (Escondido), and spent some of the kinder garden and 4th grade in Mexico in a Private Canadian school called "El Canadiense". Then I went to 5th grade in Lincoln elementary school (Escondido). 6-7 grade I went to Grant middle school (Escondido). And moved to Mexico for a year, and didn't do 8th grade. Then I tried to enroll in middle school for 8th grade but they didn't allow me so I had to move up to 9th grade in San Marcos High School. I was there a couple of months then we moved to Carmel Valley and I went from 9-12 grade at Westview High school in Poway. Then I went to Palomar Community College for 2 1/2 years and then transferred in Fall 2009 here in CSUSM.

I guess i'm Pc because that is what I have, but I wouldn't mind switching if I find Mac to be more interesting. I am very dependable on technology.. I'm attached to my Iphone more than I probably should. It completes me pretty much. It tells me what time it is, it reminds me of appts, it lets me check up on emails and replies, it's the newspaper for my friends life lol, its my only camera at the moment, and helps me get amused on super boring moments, it also keeps me sane by hearing music. It has actually kept me off the computer for days and sometimes weeks! I am using Microsoft office 2007 for PC office all the time. I think I only used Microsoft Office for Mac once because all the PCs were being used in the library and for my luck I had to re due some of the research on the Mac because it didn't accept the PC info..

In the mission statement, what spoke to me most was about preparing thoughtful educators and advancing professional practices. I hope my experience that I gain in this class and in my other classes here in CSUSM will help me in any future practices in teaching. I hope to continue to learn and become better in any kinda of practices that will assist my future students in learning. I am aware that my students' minds will depend on my teachings and learning experiences. This was a factor in applying here in CSUSM. I was glad to know there was specially a program known as the ICP that will help me navigate in areas that best interest my future as a teacher..