Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Journal #1 Computing in the Clouds NETS I, V

Johnson, D. (December/January 2009-2010). Computing in the clouds. Learning and Leading with Technology, 37(4), Retrieved from

In the “Computing in the Clouds” article, it speaks in how schools should open up to the idea of advancing the way they do assignments for themselves and the children.  The Cloud metaphor is talking about the internet space where you can write documents and later access them anywhere else which does not necessarily have to have those expensive programs.  Programs online are offered by Google and are not as complex as expensive programs like Microsoft but they offer enough practical tools where you can get the job done and edit them later in your mechanical device. 
What other kind of mechanical device can I use that can access the cloud without having to pay such high prices for a “powerful one”?
Netbooks are the new mechanical device that allows you to access the cloud, as long as you have a close broad band.  You are able to access Google doc and Gmail offline and then once you get internet access they reconnect to the network.
What kind of things can’t I do in Netbooks?
It lacks animation, transitions, and in-program image editing, it also doesn’t offer features to write a book but there are always free programs “apps” that do just about the same kind of things but more practical.

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