Monday, April 26, 2010

Journal #8 Navigate the digital rapids NETS IV, V

Lindsay, J., & Davis, V. (2010). Navigate the digital rapids. International Society for Technology in Education, 37(6), Retrieved from

 Often teachers avoid technology in their class because they fear the misuse from students with technology.  The article precisely discusses and encourages teachers to become more confident in using technology in their class.  The article talks in how as educators we need to take on the digital citizenship role and become an example to our students. They talk how customizing your classroom activities and assignments artistically could benefit and not limit your classroom standards.  An important characteristic about being a teacher is to manage the educational network that their school provides and make sure everything is professional and not confused with a social network.  The Article talks a lot about  Flat Classroom Projects, the website helps teachers to become more involved in making their classroom Digitally motivated.  Here teachers practice in monitoring their students use of projects online.

What happens if students use inappropriate behavior online?
Usually students themselves may take a sccreen shot or comment to the teacher and then the teacher has the choice to ban the student from the project or apologize to a certain member or the class.  Since the content is monitored all the time it is easy to notice new content that seems innapropriate.

When should students be educated about the internet?
 As soon as they can use their little fingers to hit the keys.  We are underestimating students potential to navigate the world web.  Many kinder gardeners could already use Skype and 9 year olds could create digital portfolios and share with the rest of the world! It is an amazing thing watching what kids can do and it is a shame if we are just afraid to guide their way into becoming tech geniuses.

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